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Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Ethereal, synthesized Greek folk. World music.


Most recent release, Ta Megala Taxidia (2019)

See also:

Eleftheria Arvanitaki's official page

Wikipedia's entry for Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Opisthodromiki Compania (Backwards band)—This was Eleftheria's first band, a group dedicated to singing new versions of old "Rebetika" songs. Rebetika are essentially Greek blues songs written in the '20s when millions of Greeks were forced to leave Asia Minor during the war. This influx of refugees created a culture shock on the Greek mainland, and the sudden increase of population (10-20%) created a major crisis. The songs were about drugs, about love, about lust. They were considered a threat to the society and most songs were banned. In the early '80s the songs resurfaced and became popular with a whole new generation. (

Covers/own material:

Own material and updates of traditional Greek songs.

General comments:

Contrabando and Tanirama are a lot more synthesized than Meno Ektos and both have some absolutely brilliant moments. The Bodies and The Knives is brilliant. (

Recommended first album:

I like Contrabando the best, but also recommend The Bodies and The Knives. (

Recordings include:

  • Eleftheria (1984)
  • Contrabando (1986)
  • Tanirama (1989)
  • I Still Remain an Outcast (1991)
  • The Night is Descending (1993)
  • The Bodies and The Knives (1994)
  • Songs for the Months (1996)
  • I still remain an outcast (1991)
  • The night is descending (1993)
  • Zontana stous vrahous—Summer 1995 (1995)
  • Greatest Hits (compilation, 1995)
  • Off the Road (1998)
  • The very best of 1989-1998 (compilation, 1999)
  • Live at the Gyalino Mousiko Theatro (live, 2002)
  • Eleftheria Arvanitaki: Live (live, 2003)
  • Three Songs (2004)
  • Ola sto fos (Everything brought to light) (2004)
  • Dromoi Parallhloi (Parallel Roads) (2005)
  • Stis akres ap' ta matia sou (To the Edges of Your Eyes) (2006)
  • Grigora I wra perase (The Time Passed Quickly) (2006)
  • Dynata 1986–2007 (compilation, 2007)
  • Mirame (2008)
  • Face to Face (live CD/DVD set, 2010)
  • 9+1 Istories (2015)
  • Ta Megala Taxidia (2019)

The Bodies and The Knives

Release info:

1994—Polydor—314 527 059-2


Can be found in the bigger chain stores in the U.S.

Ecto priority:

High for lovers of traditional-sounding world pop. (Neile)

Produced by:

Michalis Armagos, Eleftheria Arvanitaki


Beautiful, urgent singing and music with a strong Greek flavour, simply orchestrated to show off the power of her stunning voice. A different and lovely, folky Greek pop concoction. Delightful, and highly recommended. (Neile)

Thanks to Neal Copperman for work on this entry.

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