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Kyler England

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Mainstream pop


Most recent release, The Wilderness (EP, 2018)

See also:

Kyler England's site

Kyler England's Facebook page

Wikpedia's page for Kyler England's band The Rescues


Joan Osborne, Sophie B. Hawkins

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Kyler England's music is all about sharp hooks and ringing melodies. (

Recommended first album:

A Flower Grows in Stone is the only one we've heard


  • If the World Would Just End
  • How Many Angels?
  • A Flower Grows in Stone (2003)
  • Live Wire (2005)
  • The Green Room Sessions (2006)
  • Live Wire Volume 2: The Official Bootlegs (2007)
  • Simple Machine (2008)
  • Electric Hum (2011)
  • The Spare Key Sessions (EP, 2012)
  • Golden (2014)
  • The Wilderness (EP, 2018)

A Flower Grows in Stone

Release info:

2003—Gypsy Rock Records—GRR5203


See website for availability

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Kyler England—vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, Snowed In choir

Guest artists:

Richard Oliver Furch—keys, programming, electric guitars, backing vocals, cello, piano, basses, Snowed In choir
Judson Crane—electric guitars, keys, programming, backing vocals, Snowed In choir
Ethan Eubanks—drums
Whynot Jansveld—bass
Marcus Wolf—acoustic guitars
Steve Walsh—acoustic guitar, dobro, Snowed In choir
Matt Troja, Malcolm Gold, Joanie Leeds, Cott Clay, Laura Berman—Snowed In choir
Craig Benelli—electric guitars, Snowed In choir
Blu Sanders—vocals

Produced by:

Richard Oliver Furch, except 3 tracks produced by Richard Oliver Furch & Judson Crane


Kyler England's music is radio-friendly and smooth. She avoids clichés by writing great songs and singing passionately. "Dead End" is especially great with its strident chorus and strong vocal. "Flawless" is an insightful song about being idealised by one's partner. "Snowed In" is funky and sweet. The song about the spacedog Laika is very touching.
     This album is very true to life and that's a rare thing. (

Thanks to Anna Maria Stjärnell for work on this entry.

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